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Mar 22, 04
- missing header files (such as #include <iterator>) fixed
- stl/sortset.cpp and stl/sortvec.cpp fixed for gcc/g++ bug (see hints for gcc/g++ users)
- stl/sort1.cpp and fo/sort1.cpp fixed according to the errata

Oct 23, 02
- In io/inbuf1.hpp: fixes according to the errata.
- io/ignoreparam.hpp, io/ignoreparam1.cpp:
     new example of user-defined manipulator with parameters

Apr 07, 01
- in io/outbuf2.hpp bug in constructor of class fdostream fixed that might cause core dump.
- in io/outbuf1x.hpp both occurences of int_type replaced by typename traits::int_type.

Sep 29, 00
- io/countlines.cpp:
     new example of counting lines by using stream buffer iterators and algorithm count()

Sep 12, 00
- In iter/ostriter.cpp missing #include<iterator> inserted.
- i18n/numget.cpp:
     new example of calling num_get() for locales

- Fix string/icstring.hpp so that multiple #includes are no problem and operator << is declared as inline.

Feb 04, 00
- In iter/backins.cpp bug that invalidated iterators during a call of copy() fixed (see errata for details).

Jan 29, 00
- In example fo/removeif.cpp replaced the comma at the end of the call of remove_if() by a semicolon.

Jan 05, 00:
- comment in algo/searchn1.cpp fixed
- qualification of size_t and ptrdiff_t in cont/carray.hpp, memory/myalloc.hpp, and string/icstring.hpp

Dec 26, 99:
- memory/myalloc.hpp and memory/myalloc1.cpp:
     new additional example of a user-defined allocator
- In fo/compose1.cpp the header file <iterator> for ostream_iterator was missing.
- In fo/compose3.cpp the header file <cctype> for the C version of toupper() was missing.

Dec 20, 99:
- util/autoptr.hpp: bug fix: replaced reset(r.yp) by reset(rhs.yp)
- io/cat2.cpp: unnecessary call of file.clear() removed
- io/copy2.cpp: ">> std::noskipws " inserted
- iter/advance1.cpp: comment fixed
- algo/swap1.cpp: comment fixed
- algo/remove1.cpp: string contents fixed

Sep 18, 99:
- io/outbuf1x.hpp: replaced std::class by class

Sep 05, 99:
- fixed end of line in all HTML files (<BR> instead of </BR>)
- fixed declaration in io/sum1.cpp and io/sum2.cpp